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We embrace the sustainability challenge
with LogiGreen.

Change starts
with sustainability.

We have a green vision and our goal is clear: to pursue environmental sustainability in every activity. To achieve this, we have defined a series of 'best practices', including the modal- intermodal switch, meaning the transfer of as much freight as possible from road to rail. Moreover, we have established more efficient handling systems, more environmentally friendly vehicles, and warehouses covered with photovoltaic panels for the use of clean energy.

What drives us is the respect for the environment.

Our commitment to the environment has a precise name: LogiGreen. Environmental sustainability is an issue that no company can ignore. We, as a company of transport, can not neglect this matter, because transporting goods by road, rail or ship inevitably has a major impact. Logistica Uno has one ambition: to establish itself as a leading provider of environmentally sustainable logistics services. How can it be possible? By making an effort to improve all our practices and processes. We also support charitable and scientific associations and promote challenges and partnerships with educational institutions, dedicated to social inclusion.

Words matter. Actions speak louder.

Speaking about sustainability is never a waste of time. And when your words become real facts, you win. Every year, we take concrete steps to decrease our environmental impact. We reduce our footprint impact by using vehicles powered by LNG and bio-LNG, and by opening new intermodal connections that enable us to decrease the on-road transport in favor of rail transport. We keep monitoring our warehouses, implementing new tools that calculate the CO2 emissions to determine the climatic impact measurement and neutralize the major number of toxic emissions.

Sustainability lays the foundations.

Prendersi cura dell’ambiente significa anche sensibilizzare i propri dipendenti attraverso iniziative e attività territoriali. Ecco perchè abbiamo deciso di sostenere il progetto di una foresta permanente di Paulownia. Grazie alle sue numerose proprietà, prima fra tutte la grande capacità di assorbimento di Co2. Gli obiettivi sono duplici: ridurre la quantità di anidride carbonica nell’atmosfera e creare una filiera del legno sostenibile. Un progetto concreto, legato al nostro territorio, che contribuisce a rendere il pianeta più verde.

Our commitment is certain, certified, and even rewarded.

Our commitment is certain, certified, and even rewarded.